Incorporating seafood from Norway's rich coastline, with the best meat from inland and vegetables from passionate small producers, Savage highlights the best from each season.

While our full Parallels menu takes guests on a journey with between 18 to 19 small servings, over the course of three to four hours, our condensed Refractions menu is a swifter affair - a two-hour journey that presents 9 servings.

Touching on flavours from far and wide, the creativity found throughout the menu draws on the global culinary experience of Executive Chef Andrea Selvaggini and his international team.

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Unfortunately, we are unable to accommodate all dietary restrictions such as vegan diets, celiac disease (excluding gluten intolerance), or combinations of multiple dietary restrictions at large tables. For any other dietary requests, please contact us via email at

When making a booking, kindly make sure to mention all dietary restrictions and allergies, or inform us by sending an email.